Bike & Build [North Carolina to San Diego 2009]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day off in Memphis

Currently in Memphis, TN. After a raucous night of minor league baseball (Memphis Redbirds v. the Zephyrs), carousing down Beale St., dancing in bars and making friends with a huge bouncer named Larry, I awoke with a wicked headache to the sounds of people getting moving for breakfast at a local diner. Wearing the clothes from the night before, we headed out as a critical mass of Bike & Builders to said dining establishment. After breakfast, I returned to our host location to catch up on some much needed shut-eye. A few hours passed when I awoke to find out a group was headed to Graceland. Not one to pass up an excursion, I jumped in the van. However, my intentions were different. While Graceland was quite appealing, a small group including myself, the one and only 'Cookies' Parker, Timur & Drew hopped on a bus headed for downtown Memphis. We made our way to the National Civil Rights Museum, only to find out it is closed on Tuesdays. Disappointed but not deterred, we spent a while in front of the museum where Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. The Lorraine Motel remains, and there are also two vehicles in front to represent the cars he was to ride in that day. At the end of the block was a woman who had been protesting the museum for over 20 years (it's been open since 1991) because she viewed it as fiscally irresponsible. We meandered about the area a while, stopping in a coffee shop for beignets and iced lattes. Beignet is the French word for fried dough, and they are a staple in New Orleans. Next we headed to Sun studio on Union Ave., or the general birthplace of such rock & roll legends as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Although we did not have time for a tour, I acquired a number of postcards and pictures. We ended the day with a stop at 'Cookies' aunt's home for dinner and a pool party. A-ma-zing. This is our 4th pool party of the trip.

New state (Arkansas) tomorrow!
Build day in Little Rock!
8 (?) days of riding in a row before a day off in Bartlesville OK.
Yay B&B!

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  1. Amy, glad to hear you're still pedalling after all the rain! Sweetwater to Memphis a whole lot of Tenessee!

    Keep a weather eye on the horizon in Arkansas...big storms come up fast.I've got before and after photos of the MHO ramp with your handiwork in Asheville.Where do I e-mail them?

    Peace and Grace, Mark K.